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Woohoo Speech Recognition

finally i found the speech recognition without downloading anything. 1 set pc in englich 2 do the test so pc recognize your voice 3play play play play

on win8

my appolygies for not mention ez but i will make another and better for you.


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Very cool! What i have always been most excited about is the idea of interacting through voice with a robot and eventually being able to hold an actual conversation. The Pandorabots control, which can be added through ARC combined with my JD has quickly got me pretty close to that goal! Super cool stuff. You should have a look. I think you will be pretty amazed at the results.


hi willbot

yes its my fav too interaction.i dont now how to start pandorabots. can you give me a few pointers.



jd learns how to count


Sure, its actually quite simple if you wish to just use the default bot personality. You simply need to add the "pandorabots" control from the add control menu which you will find if you click on the project tab from ARC. When you get into the add control menu click the button that says audio. This will take you to another screen where you will find the pandorabots control. As i said there is really not much else to do if you arent planning on creating a personalized bot. Just click on it to add it to your project window and you can change a few simple options to either play voice through pc or ezrobot speaker and whether you want to hear the voice or just see a text response. Oh, also make sure you have your speech recognition enabled and you should be chatting with your bot in no time at all. If you would like to give your bot a name and change some dialog options you can go to and register for free to make or modify a bot quite easily. Hope this helps but if youre having trouble just let me know and ill try to fill in a bit more detail for you.