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Wireless Audio

Has anyone found a solution to send wireless audio to a bot? Hopefully cheap and easy?

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Lostcreekstation Hello, I've thought of using an FM transmitter in my next robot, the transmitter connected to the PC sound output, and the robot a simple tuned radio in the frequency of transmitter, I think radio is cheap and looking for home may find it. This is an FM transmitter:

FM transmitter

You just have to adapt a 12v power supply or battery cigarette lighter connector.:D


I bought 2 walk talkie's from the dollar store. They cost $4.99 ... Put a headphone adapter on one, and put the other in the robot. Works great


hi dj! have good audio quality then? You used the microphone of the walkie own or have used direct cable from pc? It's a good idea and very good price.:)


Hello all, Not too cheap but very effective. Bump wireless speaker. About $45.00 Wireless speaker Works great with soundboard. If you would like a demo see Regards form the bookmaker and Buster. Bustercomestolife.


Hey DJ; Were the walkies you bought VOX enabled or push to talk? If push to talk how did you handle the push to talk button? Did you perhaps just wire the button so it was in talk mode. If you did that could it still transmit voice signals from the other walkie?



@BookMaker those are awesome!! I'm gonna get a bunch of those. They look fantastica nd probably better audio quality than my walkie's

@lostcreekstation the walkies are just kids ones with a button. I soldered a wire across the transmit. Connected a headphone jack to the microphone input. Plugged it in the computer.

There is no reason to voice transmit from the robot. The robot will make too much noise for proper voice control. It won't be able to pick anything up becuase of the servos and motors. In most environments, you will need a headset to control your robot if it is loud and noisy.

I bought a microphone dictate headset and i use that when lots of people are over and i'm giving a demo.


Just a note of caution on the Bump-wireless speaker: Be sure you get the ones with the usb dongle included. They do sell them without. Not much difference in price.