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Wireless And Bluetooth Flagging

Hi Team

Does anyone know of an app that watches for Bluetooth devices as they come in range?

My thinking is that most people have a phone in their pocket with the wifi or bluetooth switched on why not use this to identify them to the robot.

If there was a way of reading the MAC of the device and alerting the robot... or writing the info to a csv file for reading.... or varable... hmmmm

Thoughts anyone?


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WiFi - EventGhost can do that. I use it for my home automation so it knows when I'm home. Although now I think about it I went down a different route when I changed my phone. But EventGhost is a great tool, it can be a bit complex to begin with but like anything, once you get to know it it's simple. Not sure about bluetooth, it probably can.

And you can use HTTPGet to send and receive data from EventGhost too, it's how my robot knows the room temperature and can turn my lights on and off. But that would need a lot of custom scripts in both ARC and EventGhost plus a webserver on the LAN...

It sounds more complicated than it is.

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Thanks Rich.... second time you have recommended this EventGhost to me... I will have to look harder into this one tomorrow....

Sleep time here in New Zealand... well 1:30 in the am and I'm still awake due to the change over in Day-Light saving.... so best get some shut eye for work tomorrow.



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Hey Rich... Do you have a screen shot and XML showing how you did this? The documentation is a bit vague... stress

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I'm not home right now but I'll have a look in to it when I get home later.

You're right, it is vague. From memory you need to install EventGhost on the PC and also EventGhost on the smart phone. I guess you could use EventGhost on the PC to ping the smart phone's IP every x minutes/seconds to check if it's there...

Also, if I recall correctly, their forum is much like this one, in that the documentation is in the forum. I think I found anything I needed help with by searching on there.

Like I said, I'll look later at how I did it and see if I can give you some pointers.