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Wire Connected To Battery For Charging

I was unplugging the Hexapod from the charger and noticed the black wire (there are red, black and white) was pulled out of the white piece that was plugged into the charger. I also found a small metal piece. Can I fix this or is this done?


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You could get a replacement JST connector and a JST crimping tool, but since you can get a replacement battery for $10 (although several weeks for shipping, or from EZ-Robot faster, but more expensive and more expensive shipping).

Other batteries may be available on Amazon or local hobby shop. The specs you are looking for are: 1300mAh 2S 7.4V 25C with a DEANS connector (DEANS connects to the robot, JST to the charger).

This one would work too... free 4 day shipping for Prime members, although they are currently showing just one in stock.

The cheapest JST crimp tool I can find is ~ $14 you might just want to replace the battery (also crimping new connectors on the batteries can be tricky. If you short the wires, they get explody...).

If you have a local makerspace, they probably have a crimp tool you can use, which changes the math....



If you post a picture you might be able to do it with a small slot screw driver and a little finicky work.