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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Windows Sdk

Season's greetings!
I recently bought an Ez Robot (Six) and enjoy it very much.
I downloaded the Windows SDK and started a communication program for this robot: all is well at this point except this:
What event is raised when the connection is completed?
I tried without succes:
Private Sub UcezB_Connect1_OnConnection() Handles UcezB_Connect1.OnConnection
End Sub
(With class declared...)
The intent is to launch some actions when the connection has been established.
Do you have a working example?
Albert Thalheim


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Windows SDK can be downloaded here: http://synthiam.com/Products/ARC

- Read the README.TXT included in the sdk

- The SDK package includes 65 C# complete example projects and 3 VB complete example projects. Load one of the example projects.

Lastly, what is even more fun than the SDK is creating a plugin. The plugin page has a link to the tutorial which walks you step by step through the process. Try that!

Have fun!
Thanks, DJ Sures,
Sticking to VB was not a good idea after all :-(
Best regards,
VB is actually more difficult to learn than C#. I find VB to be a super confusing and outdated syntax, which is why you rarely see mention of it in this decade.

Try the plugin tutorial and that will most likely be more fun because you can build off the existing ARC framework.