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Windows Home Server

Hi all,

Just been given a copy of Windows Home Server (Origional) and as I have not been able to get XP Home to work with the voice recognition I thought I'd install Windows Home Server....

Has anyone used this with the EZ-B?

Any EZ-B compatibility issues known?


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I used to have a windows home server and i found it to be vary limated in many many ways there was alot it would not do and many programs it would not run but it was fast and worked well with programs it would run

New Zealand

Not planning to run it with anything but ARC and have it mange network files... voice recognition is a priority

Did you use it with the ARC ?


when i had it there was no ezb at all but if you can get it to run with voice then it show realy fly when ran my copy i never tryed it with voice i used it for me media server and for confurting files if you can get it to work with voice please let me know as i may start using it again to if i can get my copy back that is lol right now all my disks other than my xp pro are over 1000 miles away i do feel that with some tinkering it should do good for you as its realy a good os just not alot to it many things have been left out that most would not use on a server i did find it ez to work with after doing a little home work and some playing but never tryed it with voice so please let me know how well it works as it is great when used for the right stuff and would fit in nicely with what i want to do as onbourd server