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Windows Home Server

My EZB and I are sitting looking decidedly pale without a little bit of blue in our mutual existances...(Mine is a passion for the cheese - lol)

Why ... because I have spent the last couple of days setting ip the master computer to act as the central hub for my robot army... (Vicky lol) only to find WHS (Windows Home Server) does not natively support bluetooth.... Ahhhh..

Anyone come across a work around?

I could go wireless foir the better coverage but DJ Sures has made it so easy with the EZB I would like to stay blue...

Any help out there?


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Does this help?

I haven't tried it, just seen it and thought it might help you get it working.

New Zealand

Tried it last week and it gave me a blue screen of death rather than a blue light of hope on the EZB... but will try again tomorrow... maybe I missed a step.

Thanks Herr Ball


You could download 3rd party software like Bluesoleil and try it first to see if it would work. It has worked on many no name brands of usb dongles for me.

New Zealand

Yeah but I have not read favorable connect reviews with third party bluetooth stacks and the EZ-B in the forums here.

But DJ Sures has made a way forward... I'll put a version of EZ-Buiilder on the server with the voice recognition software and then telnet to an older nearby vista machine with bluetooth and a second copy of ARC... remote control it!

That way I can speak the voice commands to the central Server machine and have them relayed to the robot via the second IP connected machine...

I'm impressed, DJ Sures has thouight of most everything ... and if he hasn't it's sure to appear soon enough!