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Window Priority

It is brilliant how the 'Waiting for speech' window opens on the screen I am currently working on but sometimes it remains behind ARC and I have to go hunting to find it.

Can we have an option to always have it on top?


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In the mean time have you tried to use the windows key combo Alt-Tab? You can page through all the open windows on your disktop. Thats how I bring the SR list back up.


That's really strange. The WaitForSpeech() window is given TopMost priority. I have not been able to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. Are you certain there are no other software applications running or potentially a virus that hides popups?

I am unsure what could cause the window to open behind the primary window. Specifically when it is set to TopMost.

Are you running the WaitForSpeech as a Debug when in Edit mode of a script?

New Zealand

Hey Dave... yes.... often do that alt-key combo but wanted to get away from using a keyboard.

DJ .... It is a hard one to nail down.... seems to be related to the way I am using Saywait or waitforspeech ... will try to determine exactly when and how ....

Don't panic for now .... Give me a bit of time to give you a better explaination.


Okay :)

Or share your project and i'll take a look