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Win 8 Release Preview In 2009 Macbook With Parallels 8.0. Question With Speech R

Hello there,

I have installed the release preview of win 8 under parallels desktop 8.0 in my 2009 macbook. ARC works great. EZ-B connects with the built-in macbook bluetooth effortlessly and stays stable. The only problem I have is to get the speech recognition to work. I loaded the example file (date-time). Mic level is good. I have tested the Win 8 native speech recognition. It works fine and I promptly closed it (as suggested in the forum by other people). Language shows EN-US culture in debug window. Speech synthesis works fine. But, the speech recognition does not work. It does not show the words I say in the box (like how it does in my dell laptop under win 7, surprisingly even when the EZ-B is not connected, but with 5 or more minutes of delay). I don't see any activity at all in the debug window or the speech recognition window.

Any clue what I am doing wrong?. I have never got it to work even once. So, it is not an issue of erratic behavior.

Thanks in advance.


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Shreeny in the future it is only necessary to open one thread to address your problem. Unfortunately speech recognition works through windows but mac hardware and os are not officially supported. You may want to do a full fresh install of win ultimate 7 and use a usb Bluetooth dongle and download drivers for that model. Three name brands I know that work are IO Gear ,Rocketfish and Asus 2.0 Bluetooth
Thanks for the quick response. Got it work. Looks like training Win 8 speech recognition program did the trick.
Thats great! I look forward to seeing your project -Josh