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Will Dialog Flow Support The Updated API V2?

Hi, my question is about integrating EZ-Robot JD Humanoid with DialogFlow.

At the moment a DialogFlow Client Access Token is needed for configuring the DialogFlow plugin in EZ Builder. The point is that DialogFlow Client Access Token will be deprecated as of March 2020 as part of the DialogFlow API V1. That means that in the new API V2, DialogFlow will be using the concept of service accounts and abandons V1’s client access token.

My question is : as the EZ Builder does not support DialogFlow API V2 at the moment, what is the solution in this case? Are you going to update the plugin to be compatible with the new DialogFlow API V2? Thanks.


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yeah - we'll surely update the library if the connectivity stops working. The libraries the dialog flow control uses are from Google, so hopefully they'll update when it happens. Let me know if it stops working so we can fix it right away for ya!