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Will Trade For Ez B

Looking into getting some ez b hardware and start my first project. The problem is ez robot is way more expensive than arduino. I am convinced it is much easier to use so it should be worth it. I thought I would open it up the community to see if anyone was selling old ez robot kits? I can also trade. I have 2 wall- e u commands just like DJ Sures and a smaller wall-e . I also have a wowed robot reptile but he is probably sold.


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What are you looking to trade for a U-Command Wall-e? What shape is it in?
Well I would trade one for the ez b developer board & whatever else you might offer I have one that is in perfect working condition with the remote the other one has no remote and has a bad gear he only steers in circles Both have a few marks from plateware but are in pretty good shape. The interaction Wally I have is missing his arms and tracks so he's in pretty rough shape and the front door that opens. These are rare toys very desirable to collectors.
Hey, Send me an email... robotguy505 at gmail dot com

@4R2D33700... I would be interested in your U- Command... the best one you have... They are about 9inches tall right? Anyway, email me at robotguy505 at gmail dot com and we can talk a possible trade...

Still up for grabs folks. I want to keep the deal this side of the border. The u.s has heavy duties on electronics.