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Will This 8Aa Battery Holder Work For The Ezb?

8 aa battery holder

Since i got hte eb form a diff. website, it came with no power supply...

Sures states to use a 5aa battery holder, will this 8aa work?

until i get 7.2 6800mah battery pack

thanks guys



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Yes, it'll work. Maximum voltage is 14 volts. Ideal voltage is 7.5 volts which is 5 alkaline batteries or 6 rechargeable ones. You can just solder wires across a few of the battery cases if you want to bring down the total voltage.
got it thaks!

so is my plan of a 7.2v battery pack not enough juice?
should i get 7.5v battery?

also are 8 aa batteries putting out 12v? i want to confirm im not going over the max 14v for the ezb
Your 7.2V battery will do fine.

Are you using rechargeable batteries (which are 1.2V each) or disposable ones (which are 1.5V each)? 8 rechargeable AAs combine for 9.6V while 8 disposable ones make 12V. Either way, you're within the range the EZ-B can handle.
lol, one more thing....what size is the power connector? i can get the battery case from radio shack and they also sell power connectors but hwta size is the ezb one?

will this one work>

size m connector
lol, duh!!!! simple math.....sorry just way excited.

and thanks man for the quick replys
You'll need a 2.1x5.5mm male plug. Tell the guy at Radio Shack it's for a CCTV camera.
love ya bro!

this is the spec for the above mentioned plug i found

Tip size: 5.5mm O.D.x2.1mm I.D.

i see the 2.1 and 5.5 in there is this good to go?
The size looks right but you should make sure that there's a convenient way to connect the leads from the battery pack. The power adapter that comes with the kit is cool because it has screw-in terminals for the leads. Just my two cents but you're going to want access to the battery leads for a variety of purposes (e.g. DIY voltage monitor, power supply to an H-Bridge, etc.) so I would avoid merely soldering the battery leads to the plug. If there's no obvious way to do this, pick up a $2 "European Terminal Strip" while at Radio Shack and cut off 2 segments to give you convenient screw terminals to the wires. Let me know if you need more info.
thanks again Choy...i really appreciate your time.

im so dumb..i didnt know the ezb comes with a power supply and adapter.

I knew Sures sent case and adapter with the ezb, but since i got my ezb from the Shed....and they didnt mention anything about it, i figures i needed to get on that...

anywho, it came with he battery case and adapter and im already using it...sooo freaking easy. i love it.