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Wild Thumper Street / Indoor Tire Conversion 4Wd Or 6Wd

Hey guys sharing this for anyone who wants or has a wild thumper that you can make it a little more indoor friendly and these tires would have better control on smoother non-off-road applications. This is a streettire wheel from dagu and comes with a brass hub.


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The swap is very straightforward. There is a hub on the end of each geared motor. There is a Allen screw holding the hubs on in the center , remove all of them. User-inserted image

Once you have removed your off-road wheels and tires you will have threaded posts to mount the new brass hubs. User-inserted image

The smooth indoor / street tires and wheels have their own brass hub adapter and include a matching Allen wrench.


User-inserted image

Here's a screenshot of the product you need from dagu to change the wheels.