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Wii Remote Questions

Hello Forum,

We have been enjoying our EZ-Robot kit and making great strides in a short time. We are having issues with the Wii remote. We are using MicroSoft BlueTooth SW. We are using a BlueTooth dongle in the USB port of our laptop. We do have fresh batteries. We did try 3 different Wii remotes.

We can add it as a BlueTooth devices and see it in the Device Manager. We never see it in the ARC SW.

Any ideas?




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Great to hear and welcome to the forum:)

Each control has a ? (question mark) next to the X - which will bring you to the tutorial page. The tutorial page includes a video, which can be found here:

If you're WiiMote device driver is taking too long to install, the wiimote may turn off and back on. Sometimes it's best to install the WiiMote without an internet connection. Either way, there are no reported issues (other than installation timeouts) for the WiiMote. You are most likely experiencing a timeout. Remember, from the point you press and hold the 2 wiimote buttons, you only have ~20 seconds before the WiiMote reboots and the process is disrupted.

If your computer is taking more than 20 seconds for the baloon popup to say drivers installed correctly, you need to prevent the computer from contacting Windows Update for Drivers.

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As the tutorial says everytime you want to use the Wii remote you must 1st delete the Wii device from your devices in your Windows PC's devices & printers panel. It looks like a keyboard and says Nintendo.

Then follow the tutorial don't let go of the 1&2 buttons until all drivers have finished loading even after the statement 'the device has been succesfully added to this computer' it hasn't its still adding a driver. After this stage completes you can release the buttons and you should be good to go with ARC press refresh 1st though to see the Wii mote on the Wii ARC control

After that it is usually rock solid


Thanks guys, We have watched the tutorial video, frame by frame, many times before resorting to the forum. There is something else going on. You have given us a few things to check. We'll get it.

Thanks again,



I'm sure you will. I can tell you that the issue you are experiencing is due to the part where windows is "checking windows update for drivers". That part takes too long on some slow internet connections, or slower computers. And while it checks, the WiiMote times out and resets. After the reset, you'll notice the lights stop flashing for a second, and then start again.

When that happens, it won't work. There are many tutorials on the internet to help you add a WiiMote - not just EZ-Robot tutorials. It's a bit silly of a device, which is why i had to make a tutorial.

Many people have no issues, and some people do. I know Alan from EZ-Robot has issues also, and he works for us:) But it's all to do with the time it takes. You literally only have ~20 seconds for the entire process to complete.


Interesting post on wiimote I have tried numerous bluetooth dongles. even a bluetooth manager but no great success.

connected a ps3 controller, wii & bluetooth headset but never all at once don't think its possible hoping that win8 may solve these issues ? I know they all work very well with EZ-B ,windows is my problem Pat


You guys are awesome. I turned off the wifi, to prevent it from searching, and it worked the first time. After hours of failure, we were connected and working within the first minute. This project is really coming together. Now we have to figure out how to write software


That's awesome to hear! I'll add "turning off wifi" to the tutorial help page in case others have this issue:)