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Asked — Edited

Wii Remote Pc Permanent Setup

This is a Windows issue not EZ-B
Is it possible to have the wii Remote setup as a bluetooth device permanently on pc
rather than having to re install each time ?.
As I hope to add at least two wiimotes to my project
Thank you in advance


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Unless you can keep the wii remotes on all the time theres no way to do it unless someone made a program that keeps the wii remote(s) in the memory.
1 :Update for anyone setting up wii remote
I have tested a few and for some reason even though they seem identical ,one will connect automatically all the time others may require to be re installed each time in bluetooth setup, this may be of assistance to some of you.

2: While the wii works in normal accelerometer mode.I would like to use the scripting feature ,my requirement is it should only respond to x & y movement when say the right arrow key is pressed on remote
Any assistance would be appreciated ,looked for some sample scripts but unable to. locate any