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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Wifi Connection

I'm wondering. Will it work if I connect to my EZ Robot Kits while I'm connected to an ethernet? Cus EZ-Robot acts as another wifi hot spot. Connecting to it might have a problem if I'm already connected to an ethernet right? Or am I wrong?


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Are you asking if you can connect your PC to Ethernet (internet) and WiFi (ezb)?

Yes, you can - long as your Ethernet network is not Meaning the network is not the same as what the EZB network is. If your Ethernet network is or or or or or etc etc etc... then you're okay

If your Ethernet network is, you are not okay.

It is easy to change your Ethernet network. Simply log into your router and type in a new network. It's as simple as typing in, is what I like to use.

Otherwise, you can have your EZB connect to your network and then you never need to connect directly to the EZB. I would recommend clicking on the LEARN section of the website and browsing to the WiFi Modes tutorial
Just a note: I am trying to get details, but there is a Windows 7 and above group policy setting that can disable WiFi when an Ethernet is connected. If you are using a work computer, you might need to have your IT department disable this function in order to connect to your Ethernet network and EZ-B wireless network at the same time (or easier, as DJ mentioned, you can put your EZ-B in client mode on your network and have the computer reach it from its Ethernet connection).

I am trying to get details on this setting since it impacts my work computer. My Windows XP machine, they did it through an application I could disable, but in Windows 7 it is a policy setting, and I may not be able to control it (I have admin rights, but some functions are still not allowed).

How do i disable that function?
@DJSures. Wait so I can connect my EZ to my router module instead? How do we do that? And can you please post the link on here? I'm not accustomed on the new layout of the website. Sorry ^_^


How do i disable that function?

I don't know yet. As I said earlier, I am researching it. It should be off by default on a consumer computer. It appears to be a group policy available on corporate computers.


Wait so I can connect my EZ to my router module instead? How do we do that? And can you please post the link on here? I'm not accustomed on the new layout of the website. Sorry ^_^

Go to the learn section and take the WiFi lessons. http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/

Technopro also did some nice video tutorials that explain the different modes: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=5901

Thnx but I still have a to connect to my EZ-B which is my real problem.
Looks like I was wrong about there being a group policy to disable WiFi when Ethernet is connected. I found that there is an application on my work computer that does that (Wireless Autoswitch XPV by Sase Shame, Inc). So you should be able to connect to the EZ-B and your Ethernet wired network at the same time as long as your wired network is not in the subnet.

However, if you have a wireless router, still probably better to get the EZ-B into client mode on your network rather than trying to run two networks on one machine. Less problems overall.

Follow the tutorials or videos I linked, let us know if you get stuck.

@ Jeremie. Not at all. I can see my EZ-B's wifi, but I could not connect to it for some odd reasons.
Sorry, with Client mode you actually won't be able to see the EZ-B's WiFi. In client mode your EZ-B will connect to your router. The EZ-B and your computer (running ARC) will then both connect to the same wireless network.

Please see the following link: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/15