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Wifi Camera

I was looking at the shop, intending to start getting my equipment sometime in July or August and I noticed the Wifi camera is no longer listed. Was it discontinued? If not, how would I go about getting that? I need to put a camera somewhere it rotates, so I can't really use the wired type unless someone knows a camera compatible slip ring I can use


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2 years ago we had a 2.4ghz wireless camera, but never a wifi camera. The low image quality, slow latency and large size has had it discontinued. Our latest EZ-B v4 Camera has a wire which connects to the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller, but that's the way it goes :)


Well crumbum, I was hoping to use it on my R4 in the Radar eye so it could see out. I'll have to figure something out


Might find one on eBay or used from a forum member here. I warn you, the quality of the image is latency is incredibly poor. With the new ARC and EZ-B v4, the features have dramatically been increased and the experience of that old camera will not be great.

The cable is pretty small for the EZ-B v4 Camera. And we've done tests where the cable was 10 feet or something...


Oh thats not my concern, I don't doubt the cable. My concern is it's going into an Astromech head, so it spins round in circles. I don't want to break the cable.