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Which Bluetooth Dongle Works Flawlessly With Dell Latitude E6410 And Win 7

I have a Dell Latitude E6410. But, it does not have built in bluetooth. I have a nondescript bluetooth dongle that works on it's whim. I have had to attempt numerous times to connect it make it work. After trying for more than 100 times (both with Windows native stack and Blue Soleiel), I have managed to connect 3 times. On one occasion, with 4 servos, the software locked up and I had to exit. Batteries are new and once when I could get it to connect, I upgraded the firmware to V16.

I hope the EZ-B is good and my USB bluetooth adapter is not good (bought it in 2010). So, I am going to try another dongle.

If you happen to have a Dell Latitude E6410 with Win 7 with USB bluetooth, can you post here the spec of the adapter please.

It is frustrating not being able to connect. I wasted lot of time trying to connect to the lower of the two com ports as mentioned in the tutorial. All three times I could connect was through the first com port.

I wish there is a wifi connector on board in place of the bluetooth. It will help telnet to it directly without having to go through the laptop running all the time.



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Welcome @shreeny. I don't have a specific model for you, but as there are many, many, much, variations out there I would suggest just nabbing any newer model dongle and giving it a go (use just the native stack).

I also noted the mildly confusing issue in the tutorial when I started, but as there where two options I quickly clicked on both until one worked:) I imagine when a product such as this one gets so many improvements as quickly as DJ cranks them out, then the instructions will take a while to catch up... but that's what the forums help with:D

As far as WiFi, you can replace the BT module on the EZ-B with other communication options, TTL-USB, synapse long range wireless, etc... search through the forums for others experiences with that. However it still needs to be a link with the laptop or PC and they need to be running as the software, ARC or EZ-SDK, is the actual "brains" that make it all work... the EZ-B is just the hardware interface controller to the sensors, servos and other connections. This leverages all the power and connectivity of a PC to provide all the wonderful features, and simplicity of operation that EZ-Robot offers... now I sound like the marketing department:P But I am just another happy client and hobbyist.
@shreeny. Buy a rocketfish 2.0 Bluetooth I know those work for sure and IO gear too
@shreeny if you dont mind waiting a couple weeks dj sells them for 5 dollars
Thanks for the response. I figured out that my laptop is screwed. It did not work with IO Gear. It is not the problem with the EZ-B. Because, the bluetooth does not discover my other devices. So, finally, I made it to work with my macbook under parallels with win 8. Able to connect every time and connection is stable.
Sorry man , three laptop brands I stay away from for that reason are sony, gateway and dell. On the flip side ive always had great luck from asus, acer , toshiba laptops