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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Where's The Comm Port Procedure For The Ezb4 ?

Can't find the post detailing the WiFi steps for the EZB4 ports to establish a connection.


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Great ! That will give me time to hook up some goodies to the EZB4. I got the CPU temp and voltage display up and working with one click. The IP connection is really quick. And the connect and disconnect sounds are cool.
I'm somewhat up and running. I've been able to connect direct via PC and Mobile.

When I switch to client mode it gives me a "I have connected to your network"

but that's about it so far.

I scan to find it but it does not locate it.

Might be my router. It can be finnicky at times.
United Kingdom
The following is purely based on assumptions and should only be used for additional guidance. I am not responsible for any inaccuracies due to the following. At this time I do not have a V4 in my hands to check I can only assume based on previous knowledge and information shared on the forums.

As strange as it may sound, this is why I can't wait to get my V4 (which is getting closer and closer each day! It's in my country now at least).

While the EZ-Robot tutorial videos are amazing (it's where I learned all of what I know to be honest) there are times when users need a bit of personalised guidance or some step by step text based guides. This is where I will jump in when my V4 turns up.

The controls, GUIs etc. for the V4 have been there for a while and, me being me, I got nosey. While I couldn't do anything I already have a good idea of where to go and what to do... provided it's been built the correct way (and I'm confident it has been).

@Lumpy, I'm playing blind here but let's put me to the test a little... You said it's connected in client mode but you can't find it on the network? I am expecting that in the config for the WiFi on the V4 there are options for DHPC or fixed IP addresses etc. Did you (if they exist) fill anything out there? Is it on the correct IP range? (i.e. 192.168.1.xxx and 192.168.0.xxx will not communicate with each other and if it's on the wrong one it wont be found).

If you are confident that it's connected and been assigned a proper IP there is an App I like to use called Fing Box. Download it and scan the network to find the V4. If Fing doesn't find it then it's not actually connected to the network and you'll want to check the network settings.

If someone wants to send me screenshots of the config pages for the WiFi on the V4 (anyone with a V4, someone from EZ-Robots, it doesn't really matter who) I may be able to make better assumptions and better guidance until my V4 shows up.
Hi Rich,
In client mode it asks for SS ID and network password.

Enter those two and hit connect. It the reboots and announces it has connected to network.

I don't see anywhere for advanced settings as of yet.

I installed Find and will give it a try when I get home tonight.
Lumpy, I've not seen the screen where you get the SSID and password prompt. What did you do to get that screen ?
Robot doc,

You need to connect directly to the Ezb wifi.

Once connected open your Web browser and enter and it will go to the Ezb Web server screen. That is where you can configure the Ezb.
No prob. I'm at work so my detail / cell phone time is limited. ?

Once you get to the Web server screen you can select how the Ezb functions for connectivity.
Great to see EZB4 delivery starting..
Please give us a simple, specific video about this and my new EZB4!
I hope to receive in July.
We have been waiting a long time, I am sure you understand.
I want to know how to connect, and basic power connections, what about those 5volt plugin converters?
Thank You,
Steve S
Finally connected!

All it took was a power failure at the house. lol

My router doesn't seem to "refresh" very well.

After the whole house power went out and finally came back on the router finally refreshed.

Scanned for devices in ARC and bam up and running!

Now to tinker and play.
A teaser vid. ;-)

That little speaker sounds great inside its little house !
That's awesome:) I totally grooved to that

We designed the bodies of the robots and the desk power base to amplify the volume of the speaker. There's a bunch of math based on the speaker specifications in all of our shell designs. You wonder why the desk power base is high? Now you know... What did you think we were doing all year?:D

Making the word's absolutely most amazing robot controller - that's what!


Now get those robots dancing!
United Kingdom
Just playing with mine, the speaker sounds better if it's on a surface too... some awesome calculations were made and it's just unbelievable how good the speaker is for such a small thing!
Oh man am I glad I ordered one of these! That is so cool! I only wish I'd have known I lost my camera dongle and ordered a v4 camera at the same time. Still looking though.
Thanks for all the hard work up there.
@mdeming1 we have a dongle here - i'll get one sent to you
South Korea
Will you sent my order. Because 8 or 9 month ago I was bought it. But I never received for my order. *confused* *confused* *stress* *stress*
@goopy, product is being shipped in the order they were placed:)
Wow! Thanks DJ I really appreciate it. If I find mine i'll send the other back to you. Let me know what I owe you; at the very least for shipping.