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Where Do I Find Examples Of Blockly?

I find that when I load examples, the Blockly blocks I was playing with on another project are still there, but not code for... say for example roli.ezb

I would like to view examples of code, so that I may study them and learn how to adapt it.

I have found how to use the pwm hBridge, and I suspect the pages I am looking for are right in front of me, but I have clicked and followed endless links for two days learning a lot along the way, but...

where do I find code examples for camera tracking?


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You can find the learn section for your robot from one of the many many ways we present it. It's VERY visible and we constantly direct people this direction. You'd have to try with effort and avoid the learn section.:D

Here are the places where you find the learn section promoted:

  1. When you load ARC, it prompts to select your robot which takes you to the learn section

  2. The learn section can be selected by clicking LEARN from the top of this website

  3. Every control has a ? (question mark) next to the X (close). Press the control for help

  4. ARC shows you a window when it loads that explains the question marks

  5. Every email you receive from the website has links to the learn section and tutorials

  6. The paper insert in the box of your robot contains a link and instructions to the learn section for your robot

  7. The Getting Started tab on the product page of your robot product on this website has links to the learn section for that product

Summary: Use the learn section, select your robot and follow the activities.

As for using Blockly when creating examples, there aren't very many examples yet. Blockly was introduced into ARC a few weeks ago. The Robot Program is beginning to film more episodes that include blockly. If you don't see activities for your robot that use blockly, wait and they will come