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When Robot Chases The Red Ball, It Turns Right Instead Of Straight.

When robot chases the red ball, it turns right instead of straight. Did Anyone see this happen before. It follows it with the camera just fine. But on the robot, it goes to the right instead of straight. It then says where did the ball go? because it lost it. Is there any way to adjust this?

When I control the robot through the Roomba controller, it works just fine.

I take this back. When I tell the robot to go reverse, he does it perfect.
When I tell the robot to go right, he does that perfect.
Left, perfect.

Just, when I tell the robot to go Forward(), it goes in a circle to the right in short sweeps back and forth. It tries to go forward for a split second, then it goes ever so slightly to the right, then forward , right,forward right. It has the effect of standing still and turning in a circle. I don't quite know how to explain it.

It IS weird.



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It was Weird for sure. But when I adjusted the settings for the Ultrasonic Radar, it started to go straight again. I am not where I need to be, but I am getting closer every day.

One Man Saga of the Red ball continues.

. . . . . Well, it finds the red ball right in front of it. It moves toward the red ball(Forward). I think ONLY one time, it stopped when it got too close. But, Mostly it just continues in the forward direction. If I move the ball right or left, it doesn't follow, it just goes forward and it doesn't want to stop. It has run into me, the wall, the desk, the other robots, etc. I am sure it is something minor and I am open for suggestions.

Well, aparently, it doesn't stop when it get's too close. It stops when It doesn't see the ball anymore I guess. I got tired of it banging itself up , so I will turn off the roomba and just use the builder software to play with. It will show what's going on on the roomba movement panel.