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When Did You First Make Your First Robot

Looking to make a poost for this for a long time and you dont have to tell if you dont want too

ROBOTMAKER i started at age 5 makig a cardboard box robot.then i fix my very first radio at age 7

now on robots building ,i guess i started after i got out of college using a 6800 processor from a kit i bought,i still have the box with board and DOS software,i forgot the name i think machine basic ,super slow and only had a speaker
and round based robot with 5 decks i still use it for my sensor testing

Then i started working at a big A/C company first in RD dept then latter on my own in-house tester design lab ,where i learned about sensor tesing.

Then i bought another robot look great using another processor,forgot the type
and with help of the one of the guys in the programming dept he help me made the software.

then a made one using a Z80 and next years i was using boe-bot by parallax and then join a AI robot building forum

(sorry DJ said i cant poost info on it) i think some ideas came from it like the joke script witch is a great add -on to EZB

I also made many many different designs of a home base finder and autocharge

i think i made over 20 robots (cant also post photos unless using ezb)

then my favorate board EZBN with i have about 77 robots and counting and more then half to hack
well thats my story


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Boy you love your vacuums alot,i guess you are a few years younger then me at age 10 basic stamp didnt come out,

I am 47 now going to retire early for about 15 years then get a job to get my SS AT AFTER 60

I love building robots as you can see and my girlfriend starting to like it to at age 23

NOT going to be like my dad and work all my life at 86 he just retired and he is 90 now and still doing good,only a back problem,me doing very good
My year of manufacture is 1961. Retirement... ? I just wanna grow very old in my shed builing robots.
WOW great like me too,also i love BELGIUM great place and nice people

PARIS not nice to us in USA,but still loved it
When I was nine years manufactures several cardboard robots with lights and a remote control car that cable to walk, so if a nice metallic finish gave him.
At 20 he manufactures a small metallic robot dodging objects with a ping sensor and relays and analog technology. (No microcontroller)
At age 23 I started with RC model aircraft, cars and boats rc (definitely a big help to address the most serious robotics)
At 32 I met EZ-B and I met a bunch of servos per house and many other things usable rc, now that I have 34 years I am delighted we can hecer in robotics, and what we see in the future it will be amazing!:)

WOW very cool,where is spain do you live,i been there
Waw R2D2 you're truly amazing ! The right spirit ! I like it.

@robotmaker: so you've been to Belgium ! Long time ago ? Where did you go ? I've been a tour guide on many occasions for American friends. In case you've been to Bruges, you know, the midieval city and also my home town, this is a webcam of the market place:

yes about 10 years ago brussels going from france to brussels then germany

wow BRUGES , i really need to go there ,midieval city,i am very very heavy into it ,i see so many castles ,been to so many fairs and one i never missed is comming up in march,started in 2 week of feb
ren-fest.com i never missed a year,and may be biggest sworld collection and dragon stuff i have
my bed is a dragon sheet on it,bed made from very old wood,special bamboo curtains with dragon ,stainglass dragon lamps , foot guy in armor,the list is endless,more then $10,000 in it
i guess the webcam meens market in brugge,what airport is near there
Hey Robotmaker, my friend,

My first robot was about age 9 or ten I think. I did not even know i liked robotics...but i made a Halloween costume ...two cardboard boxes (one for the body, one for the head) stacked on top of each other.

I had a simple switch inside that i could press to make the 'nose' (a simple light bulb) light up....I had a speaker for the mouth....that played Star Wars over a cassette tape recorder.

Those were the days!

Wow cool,mine was a little like that,i added arms out of cardboard ,found a pair of gloves for my hands and my feet both and legs had cardboard.
Didnt have a camera at that time only very old camera my dad had, long camera too a few buttons just to get the photo out b&w

Also no switch or recorder.
That's awesome! We are all from the same mold i think....robots are in our blood!
My wife bought me a t-shirt last year with a picture of a robot and the phrase "all my friends are metal". She knows me well;)

United Kingdom
I made my first robot... LAST NIGHT!

It was nothing special, two modified servos connected to a quickly made meccano-based frame, but it worked! Drove it around, chased the cat, all the usual stuff.

- Bill.

Brussels national airport is 110 Km, or 1:20 drive

Ostend regional airport is 25Km, or 30min drive
Great Bill hope to see you build more of robots soon.

ALAN great t-shirt
I made my first robot when I was 5. I made it from large sewing spools and rubber bands. The next one when I was around 12-13. It was made from dryer hoses and all kinds of wood and stuff. The next one I built was a Hero1 with arm. After that, David Hieserman's Rodney. At that point I wasn't satisfied with the current A.I. in robots or computers. So, I skipped about 20 years and started back about 8 years ago working with the Basic Stamp. I was disappointed again. It worked, but it was really slow when you put more stuff on it. After that, I discovered the Arduino. It was Heaven compared to the others. After two Arduino robots I found the EZB. The EZB was a million times better and faster and more Simple. So that is that I have done.

Oops! I forgot a whole section. After the Arduino , I built a LEAF robot. It had 17 emotions and it worked well. I was very pleased with Leaf. After Leaf I worked with the Roomba. After about 4 roombas, I bought an iCreate. It was much easier to work with. THEN, I found the EZB and it was Love at first sight! Easier, Faster, so I could do less head scratching and more working with the Robot. After EZB, I got a Qbo EVO PRO. It has put me back into the dark ages and I am trying to learn ROS, more C, Python. It really just sits there most of the time like the RB-5X and Hero1 units that I purchased so many years ago. I invested my whole life saving into it. BAD descision. Out of ALL my robots, my two Favorites are the LEAF and the EZB. My favorite Bought Units where the Novag by Gavon which played chess with me and had a z-80 based cpu. But my favorite and I don't own one, is the B9. Forgive my misspelled words. I have Always had a passion for Robots.

I really can't count the number of robots that I have built in my life, but that is the Just of it.

Waw, MovieMaker, you've been pretty busy!
I read a lot about the LEAF and was thinking of starting with that also. Until I met EZ_B...
ROS is quite interesting too. I might do some research on that later on.
Keep it coming....
I was born in 1961. Built my first robot when I was 14. I had bought a book called "Build Your Own Working Robot" by David L. Heiserman. Robot's name was Buster. Unfortunately, I used him for spare parts. Did not start tinkering with robots again until about 2006. I guess you could say Buster lives on because some of his parts are now being used in the new robot. One item that I am using on my other robot Magnus
has been waiting about 37 years to be installed in a robot!;) Magnus is on hold for now. I decided to build a smaller robot for testing systems and controls. What I learn will be incorporated into Magnus.

One thing that happened with the first robot was; one night when my father was walking through the house without the lights on, he tripped an fell on top of Buster. He had multiple cuts on his arms and stomach. He didn't think it funny at the time but, later on he got a kick out of telling the story of how he was attacked in the dark by my robot!

Now I am officially addicted to anything and everything robot related :D
JUST added 78 to my collection another brookstone ROVER

I even forgot about HERO robots i made HERO JR and HERO and i have 3 HERO'S at home one going to use EZB on.
Nice work Rgordon ! That Magnus is a real piece of art and Hi-Tech at the same time. Guess DJ is proud when it'll be finished with the EZ-B inside... Show us more, I like it.