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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Wheels Too Loose? Should I Use Gluegun ?

Hi, i have 4 wheels. 2 wheels came with the purchase of my ezb.

and 2 i ordered in a later time.
When i put the Wheels on the Motor, they dont stick.

Do you need to screw them on maybe?

or glue them on?

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United Kingdom
Screw them on, you should receive the screws needed with the complete kit.
aha, so thats what the screws are for. i never saw that feature in the EZB tutorial videos
Hi, i found out that only the verylongest of them actually fit.
And between my Ezb Complete kit and my additonal purchase of 2 more servos with wheels..

I only seem to have 3 of those screws to use on 4 wheels..
United Kingdom
You can glue them on, but glue is a more permanent solution to screws.