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Asked — Edited

What Kind Of Charger Plug Is It ?

what kind of Charger/ Lipo battery-plug/ connector is it ?
Its very similar to the tamiya plug.

User-inserted image

Anyone has an idea?

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- What is the plug connected to?

- Is it a battery?

- Is it a robot?

- What kind of battery?

- What are the specs of the thing it is connected to?

- What product is it?

- Who makes it?

- Is that a charger connector?

- Is there a manual for it?
Ditto what DJ said.

That's a strange plug, but best you chop it for a deans or XT60, etc.

Are you wanting to power up your EZB4?
this plug connected to a controller and to a charger, its a LiPo-Battery-Plug.
its for a japan robot, yes. the name on the Charger is "JET".
No manual.. thats why I ask the forum. I never seen this plug before.