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Asked — Edited

What Is A Blue Icon For

I SEE now a blue icon is on posts what does it mean or whats it for

ONLY thing i do see that DJ added very new was a drop down list on what the post heading is like tutorial ,today was first time i see it.
because we mostly put tutorial in our heading ,but some new guys dont know it a tutorial,
I think we need a new category for tutorials


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United Kingdom
Click the icon to find out what it is. The same goes for red and green icons.

As DJ has mentioned today the tutorials are currently being implemented. The entire website is undergoing changes and has been since the redesign. This has been mentioned numerous times.
THAnks RICH i did not know about it
i guess the icons was just added.

IT will kinda a good idea to have locked TUTORIALS so no input by anyone saying its a bad idea or a good idea or adding their design .

THEY have a idea on the same item but a different way of making it or using it then they should make their own tutorial

ALSO i have seen this not good if another person posted a idea and latter a person uses that idea in their tutorial first it should go for everyone.
ALSO on the blue icon idea it needs info on it when new robot builders join our great forum they know what its for.
Just like me i been here for a very long time and i didnt until now knew what is for or mean.

i like what i read on the red one you get gifts going to answer them a lot
DJ is making the forum much better i see