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Welcome Back

Welcome Back DJ,
We have all missed you more than you will ever know. So many questions. I see you were busy last night and only gave up after answering a bunch of recent forum questions. I will go easy on you and only ask one at a time starting with:
I know alot of us are having the "gets stuck" problem and so far the only solution is to reboot everything. It happens alot and a solution needs to be found. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome back from the Bookmaker!!


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How do you delete a message if you don't want it. I started this message by mistake and I do not see any way out after you hit save. This is an edit.
Thank you for the welcoming back:) ... My summer with family was fantastic! Spent most of it sitting on the beach and playing with my nephews. Glad to be back though! I prefer robots over kids;)

You can edit, but there is no way to delete. I have never really liked the delete option in forums, personal preference:)

If you don't want your post, simply edit it and put some text in there like "I DELETED MY POST YO"
Thanks DJ,
I appreciate you getting back to me on that however how about the "gets stuck" issue.
Does "getting stuck" mean it loses connection and keeps driving?

If so, the last state of the ez-b will continue if the connection is dropped. I originally had planned on a heartbeat method to determine a connection/disconnection on the ez-b side. But doing so would affect performance of real user commands.

Considering i rarely run into that scenario, I felt quick response time is more important:D

Even though we distribute the 5 AA battery pack, it's not that great for lots of servos or motors with an hbridge. 5 AA's isn't much juice, really. In the PDF manual I recommand larger amperage battery supplies.

Omnibot, for example uses a 6 volt 4 amp wet cell that came from a home alarm backup battery. It's heavy, but powerful!

Other options are Li-on laptop batteries, from old laptops. They usually have built in charging circuits

Or cordless drill batteries. They're usually great too!
Thanks DJ,
I kind of came to the same conclusion. I am going to run my drive motors from the H-Bridge off of my Li-po 11.1 V 2.2 amp battery. Not using the +5 form the EZ-B should lighten up the load and hopefully resolve the issue.
Thanks again,
Roger the Bookmaker
Welcome back Mr Sures.

Ok so you don't like anyone to delete a post. That's fair and its understandable.

Could you fix or explain something for me?

I read the forum....find a cool topic.
push the reply button and it makes me sign in. No problem
I type out my reply and check it change it or make it as close to not sounding like a stupid douche as i can and hit the Reply button again. It makes me sign in again loosing all that i wrote and start all over....

could you please change the amount of time we stay logged in?

Does anyone else have this problem?
The timeout is set for 15 minutes...... Hunt and pecker, are we? hahaha

How about I put a checkbox to keep you logged in with a cookie. That okie?
Hey BRW you're not the only one losing posts, I think I've had to re-write at least 5 posts cause I usually post a lot of text and it takes me some time to edit it as well. It's a shot to the heart every time I loose a post. Sometimes I just give up on posting. I don't know about this 15 minute limit either, maybe DJ overclocked his server and 15 minutes = 4 minutes real time :).

Just for this forum I have gotten into the weird habit of selecting all and copying before I ever hit the reply button.

I am so down with a "keep me logged in" cookie! Thx DJ!
Thanks skater
I was worried for a minute that i was the only one.
okay okay:) i'll get on that cookie! maybe it's because you all use hippy browsers:D
Haha hippy browsers... HEY I represent that :D

Well NYC did just get a little more hippiefide with the new no arrest gonja rule.
Oh really? Gonja is legal in NYC now? That's pretty wild. We have a grey area for it up here in Alberta. You're allowed to have a certain amount, but not enough to sell. And it can't be packaged to sell. So it busts the sellers, not the users. Kind of strange really.

It's like saying "hey, we know it's not a bad drug and better than booze, you're allowed to use it but we don't want ppl selling it."

Yeah same here they just won't arrest you unless its in sight or over a certain amount. Saves tax dollars not arresting normal people for no reason.
Okay! Your "Keep me logged in" is working:)
Search will be done in a today:) I was distracted last night