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I can not get the camera from ez-robot but I want to put a webcam,is it possible


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@761019, yes it is possible however, only if you have an onboard computer on your robot and a USB WebCam
how to connect a webcam to the ez-robot.connection diagram please
@761019, What type of web camera do you have, is it a USB or wireless?

If it is a USB web camera you have to connect it to your computer. If your computer is not embedded into your robot, It would be useless because you're robot would not be able to use it as it would only be attached to your computer.

Can you post what model and make your WebCam.
Well it won't let me paste Russian interesting. Try this again *+*edit**
@ 761019 , Kakoy veb-kamery u vas yest' , deystvitel'no li eto USB ili besprovodnoy ?
Yesli eto veb-kamera USB neobkhodimo podklyuchit' yego k komp'yuteru . Yesli vash komp'yuter ne vstroyen v vash robot , bylo by bespolezno , potomu chto ty robot ne smozhet ispol'zovat' yego , kak eto budet prilozhen tol'ko k komp'yuteru .
Vy mozhete razmestit' kakuyu model' i sdelat' veb-kameru ili pozhaluysta