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No. You can connect it to an onboard computer but not to the ezb.


If you mean can you use a webcam with ARC, yes. Choose the camera from the drop down in the camera control.


Does that mean if I put a RED marker on my robot I could track it with my webcam? I forget, only one camera panel can be used at a time, right? Ron


Sorry, I will get out of Bug Report to General Discussion


Yes, you could do that. You could put an EZ-B in a room and have it control servos to track something (in this case a robot) in a room. It could be controlled by an instance of ARC running on a machine on your home wifi network.

There are some interesting possibilities with doing this. I plan on experimenting with this some when my robot becomes mobile, but I would like to have the robot have something on him that can be tracked with cameras that will be in the various rooms of my house. These would be tracking which room the robot is in and sending the information back to ARC which would store the room identification in a database entry. The robot could know which room he is in by querying the database entry which allows 2 computers to be used for this. One will be a server that just runs the cameras. The other would run the robot. With that information and the auto-generating room mapping and room memory that I will be working on in January or so the robot should be able to navigate around the house or any environment that I setup. This will require some high def encoders on the wheels of the robot so that precise measurements and movements can happen. I want to build something on the robot like @Toymaker described in another post where the robot learns what are fixed or hard objects and what are soft objects and be able to map a room by itself. This is the reason I liked the thought of DJ adding the ability to have 255 EZ-B's connected to an instance of ARC.

Anyway, you can have multiple camera controls in ARC. Each control can run a different camera.


Another, more expensive option is to place multiple (3 or more) EZ-B's with cameras in a room and triangulate the location of the robot. If you were looking at this, it could get very expensive. I would think some sort of a rf signal would be a cheaper option and it could work in the entire house but there could be federal regulations on the frequency and wattage that the rf signal can be. I would think that .25 watts would be plenty for most houses. I do think the camera option would be more accurate though. I want to try to use cameras as much as possible though because I believe this is the future of robotics. The echo devices are going to fade away as people get better at processing video feeds for intelligent data.