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Warning Dean Connector

i thougt it would be good to post this warning.i had a bad connection in, one of mine swithes.i couldn find the problem until this morning, i saw it.some of the pins has a little spring of mine was missing. i dont have a clue where the metal spring has fallen of.cause this is a metal, spring,be sure to check this .

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Good catch and troubleshooting tip. A loose connection is a bad connection. ;)


normal you see 2 colors gold and silver.i saw only one color (gold). thats when i notest some is missing.


May be a good time to switch to XT60 or even XT30 connectors? I did that for all my RC stuff over 5 years ago and never looked back. Deans can be a pita to connect and over time begin to disconnect too easily. In parallel harnesses or parallel charging boards, they are a giant short circuit risk. Their only redeeming quality is that they provide high amp capacity in a small for factor, but most of us dont need 100A for our robots.