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Want To Wait For Ezbit, But Might Get A Mp3 Trigger...


really want to support the cause..any news on mp3 ability with ez bits? or anything on the horizon?

should i bite the bullet and get a mp3 trigger v2 from amazon?

Mr. Sures?


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and...motor controllers, we need motor controllers....no controller, no peace....
"and...motor controllers, we need motor controllers....no controller, no peace...."

Big Big motor controllers.... 25 Amp!

I like the mp3 trigger!!! I have one.

It works really well with the EZ-B

I use is with a sure electronic 2x25 amp
It's loud
Motor controllers.......I'm really happy with the Syren10 and the sabertooth 2x25.
They both work really well with the EZ-b
The mp3 trigger has a SD card which I load up with wav. Sound files. Connect the EZ-b to it and use the speech recognition fon, personality generator, joystick and ects.
I have the mp3 trigger V2 and
I just saw that sparkfun "retired" the mp3 trigger V2
And went back to the original trigger here

User-inserted image

The set up is easy.
What are u planning or want it to do?
Maybe I
This is an example of what I did

lol, ive seen that clip so many times......and yeah i found a v2 on amazon for 39.00 i might get it....hekp me with the soldering yeah?

and yeah i think i need 2, 1 for wall-e an one for my Artoo.

also, any tips aona small battery pack that will fit in the wall-e....most are tlike the one on your desk, just too long...
just double chekced and yes, its the same one.....next project is soldering the mp3 trigger and the ezb camera.....
no soldering is needed for the MP3 trigger
and I think you can find RC batterys that will fit.

good to know its 39.00, I need to get one more too
?????? no way....in the tutorials Sures shows how to add the speaker and servo cables to make it run off of the ezb.......
Im sorry. Yes for soldering the signal, ground and power thats it. my mistake. No worries its easy. ISpeakers, I just used a 1/8 standard speaker plug that fits in the MP3 trigger nicely
gotcha, Mr Sures...any updated on ez-bits
I missed out on the info about EZ Bits. What is is and howe will it work? Will it offer more then the MP3 trigger?
Any idea when DJ might have it ready?
yo, Sures mentioned the ez bits a while a go in a random thread, but nothing since... i think he might be focused on the boyrobot...so i bit the bullet and got a mp3 trigger form amazon for 50

now i have to learn how to solder