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Wall-E U-Command Back On Store Shelves Again

I thought that I would let everyone know that is considering a Wall-e project, that Pixar has re-issued the U-Command Wall-e robot. I was in a Toy-r-Us store recently and discovered that the little robot janitor was back in stock. He was selling for $59.99 U.S. dollars. I finished mine last year and don't need one, but I still see a lot mentions of Wall-e on the EZ-Robot site and thought I would put the word out, that he is back! He has also reappeared on Ebay, (one is currently selling for $69.99 U.S. and on Amazon.com, but is selling for $99.99 U.S. dollars.

Hope this Helps!
Toy-r-Us Wall-e link


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Walle can also be found at toys r us for$59.99.