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New Zealand
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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!


Hi Team,

I may have identified a small bug with the WaitForSpeech command.

The command works fine when coding inside a script manager console but fails to work outside the editing environment.

I have also tried this inside a stand alone script window

Both methods hang with a partially drawn dialogue box with "Waiting for Speech..." visible. It eventually switches to "Not Responding" which of course forces me to close EZ-Builder.

I am using Win10 and the latest version of EZ-Builder.


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I am unable to reproduce this behavior. Can you provide an example project? Use the attach file button when responding and attach the project file.
New Zealand
I hate to admit it but the problem is in my code DJ....
The function works perfectly in a fresh script outside my code

I have had this script working since 2007 so I am not surprised that a glitch has finally crept in.

Sounds like it is time to re-code.