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Vuzix Vr920 Iwear Glasses Tracking Question

I have acquired a pair of the Vuzix VR920 iwear video glasses with head tracking ability. They connect right away with the ez-software. My Roll seems to be my Yaw. I have to roll the glasses in order to move the red dot sideways and the yaw has no effect. The settings do not have any items to adjust for this. Any ideas on how to adjust the script to fix this problem? In my calibration program and demos the glasses work great. Only in the ez-software is a problem. Using Win7 and the original ez-software with ez-b v3. Downloaded the newest software but wasn't compatible with my v3 (bluetooth and firmware errors) for some reason. Hate to just throw out a $100 board I haven't had a year just because of a software and hardware upgrade by the mfg.


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That is correct. The roll is the yaw. That is how we configured it because otherwise you will be stuck in the same directional position for ever to control your robot to look left/right. The roll is used to move the direction.

If that bothers you, please do not throw out your EZ-B. There is a fantastic and responsive resale of it. I would recommend posting it for sale here or eBay.


Downloaded the newest software but wasn't compatible with my v3 (bluetooth and firmware errors) for some reason.

update v3 firmware, i did, my v3 works great with new software.

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So, can it be changed to follow the natural direction of your head looking left to right instead of 'tilting' your head to make it turn left and right? FPV in RC aircraft I've played with aren't controlled that way. Sorry, but I don't understand your response of "you would be stuck in the same directional position for ever". I love the idea you have here making it easy to use. Wish I had an easier interface for my arduino. And jdebay, glad yours work. Also glad you actually received your wifi camera. I ordered one last November and never received it. Instead received one for the ez-b V4 which I specifically told them not to send me as it wasn't what I ordered or compatible with my v3.


If you want, I'll trade you a v3 camera for your v4 camera (unless you returned it already). It has had the battery removed so that it is powered by the v3, and I tried wiring the switch for the v3 to turn it on and off, but that didn't work and I still need to use the button. I still have the battery so it can be reattached.

I also have the pan and tilt mount with mini servos I will include in the trade.

Email if interested