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Voice Recognition

Hello everyone.

I was trying to think of a way to have my robot only recognise specific voice
commands under certain conditions. For example, the robot will generally be
in a 'standby' mode, waiting for only 1 specific voice command like "robot wake up",
to take it out of 'standby' and into an 'interaction mode'. So that no other voice
command or speech background noise would trigger it to go out of standby or
trigger other actions, except for that 1 voice command. Once its out of standby, it
would then be activly listening to any other voice command.

In ez-builder, it only allows 1 speech recognition window opened in one project, which
can either be paused or unpaused. If I want it to listen to a single command only,
while having multiple voice commands set up in speech recognition, chances are that
even when in standby mode, it would still recognise all the other commands aswell
and will trigger the asosciated scripts or actions with it. But if I were to pause the
speech recognition in standby mode, then I can forget about it hearing any of my
vocal commands at all.

My question is, is it possible to assign specific voice commands in EZ-Scripts, that would
function outside of the speech recognition window? Something like ' VoiceCommand("Robot wake up", ScriptStart) '. or like ' Voice_Wait("Robot wake up", SpeechRecognitionUnpause) '?

The reason I'm asking is because I have no knoledge of visual basic or c++ scripting,
and am sort of limited in only being able to understand the EZ-Script function so far.
Can this be done with EZ-scripts or would I have to resort to using the visual basic
scripting functions?

I'm hoping I made sense, and will be appreciative of anykind of help or info.

Kristian. :)


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LOL thanks!! Holy cow, you are crazy awesome!XD I guess I did make sense haha
That is like..some serious instant personalisation service, did you just slap that
in there? Seriously, thanks! That is EXACTLY what I needed. :D

You do awesome work!
Haha, i sort of had the idea floating around also:) So you triggered me to do it.

You will have to download the latest copy, which is 2012.04.23.02. Becuase i accidently made a boo-boo with 2012.04.23.01:P
Well then you're welcome haha:P Even so, that is amazing work, I hadnt even noticed the boo-boo yet.
I will download it right now. Thanks so very much, you have my sincere appreciation and respect.:D