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Hello All !
Just joined the forum and thought maybe you could help me. I'm building a remote control lawnmower to cut some steep banks that I have in the yard. I bought a used power wheelchair and a RC controller and all is working well. I now just have to add the mower deck to it. After running this thing around the yard it occurred to me that I really can't see where I'm going. Anybody have any ideas on a remote live video camera that I could mount on the front of the mower so that I can see where I'm mowing?



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United Kingdom
The EZ-Robot Developers Kit contains a camera which streams to the PC.

Or, the V3 EZ-B kit come with a wireless camera too, people upgrading to the V4 may be wanting to sell these on.

Although the EZ-B could be used to have the mower know where to go with no user interaction...
From another post you made this morning I see your using an Arduino setup. Perhaps an Arduino forum could give you better ideas. Like Rich mentions the EZB board can interface with a camera (sold on this site) and you could see where your going right from your laptop, tablet or smart phone (Apple or Android apps to soon be released). You could also incorporate object avoidance with sonar just incase you loose control. Good luck.