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I don't know what you mean. Please be more specific with your question. Perhaps include what you are working to achieve.

In the meantime, here is a screenshot of the config dialog for the Camera control. It displays all variables used by the camera control. Based on existing questions from yourself, i can verify that you know how to access config menus.

For future information, please consult the LEARN section and tutorials. There are many tutorials with information on how to access config menu items.

Here is the screenshot of the variable list for the camera control for your reference. If you do not see the variable that you are looking for, it is not available. Please let me know what you are working to achieve and i'll see if i can help. User-inserted image


I was wanting to save the values of the grid. Because ARC dose not save the grid when you shutdown, I thought if the grid was stored in variable's, I could just load them in a script at start up. Then I would not have to readjust them each time.


Hello Slee The Sloth,

There has been a bug report posted which covers this issue. I am sure it is on DJ's to do list.



Yes it is on his "To do list". I was just thinking if the grid lines where kept in variables it would be an easy fix on my end. I'm sure DJ and his crew will get to it. But they probably have more important things to get to first. They do a remarkable job with a vary small staff as it is. :)