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Using Ultrasonic Distance Sensor With Brookstone Rover 1

Hi all,

I recently acquired a Brookstone Rover 1 and got it working with an older version of ARC. I saw the YouTube video by DJ (2012) where he got a number of functions of ARC to work with the Rover. I was able to get those working but I would like more specific instructions on how to adapt the sonar senor, also shown in that video, to the Rover platform, and how to connect it to the ARC software. Specifically:

What current hardware do I need? Can I just use the ultrasonic distance sensor with the EZ-B loTiny and a 9V battery source?

How do I connect the sonar hardware to the ARC software, given the fact that the software is already connected to the Rover's 2.4 GHz link?

Once I do connect, to get it working with the Rover's controls, is it as simple as just opening the Radar control in the Rover's ARC's panel (and perhaps choosing a few settings in that control)?




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What might not have been highlighted in the video above with DJ is the Brookstone connect control has it's own connection control to the rover sperate from the EZB connect control and the EZB connect control can still be used.

At time index 1.05 do you see the other standard "Connect to EZ-B" control panel? Well DJ did not show in the video he used that to connect to his EZB v3 at the time via blue tooth and then added the ultrasonic controls and that's how that works and the concept is the same for the EZBv4 or ioTiny.

The Brookstone Rover connects to your computer via wi-fi and if you have an EZ-Bv4 or ioTiny those use wifi also which means you're going to need some additional wifi on your computer, I would suggest getting a USB wifi dongle that way you can make 2 connections at the same time.

The Bad News - I don't know when the Brookstone Rover support dropped out of ARC so I don't know if your software will control an ioTiny or an EZBv4 properly depending on the version.



Thanks, for the response. So, if I am understanding you correctly, the EZv3 has bluetooth capability which when paired with my computer will allow the ARC software to connect to it (via bluetooth) at the same time that it is connected, via wi-fi, to the Rover. Will the connection to EZ-B window open automatically when I add the ultrasonic sensor, since I already have a connection window open for the Rover's camera via wi-fi. In other words, can 2 different connection windows be open at the same time, 1 for bluetooth and 1 for wi-fi?

Also you said I can use 2 wi-fi connections at the same time with the ARC software (if I configure my computer to receive 2. How is that handled in the ARC software?

Lastly, do you know where I can get the EZv3 board and an ultrasonic sensor, if the current sensor will not work with that board?

Thanks, for your help,



Hi Jeff,

I think you need to some training in the Learn Section to learn about the connection options and how they work because the tutorials that have already been created from EZ-Robot will really teach you a lot

To answer some of your questions directly, no by just adding the sonar control that will not automatically make a connection to your EZB. There is a process for making connections to your EZB and setting up your controls and the learn section can help you with that if you start at the beginning.

Yes - 2 or more connections to devices can be made at the same time. That is what DJ did in the video, he connected to the Rover and the EZBv3 at the same time. DJ just did not show that specific aspect in the video.

The EZBv3 Bluetooth version is no longer sold. You are correct it would have connected via a blue tooth connection to your computer if your computer if it had a Bluetooth connector built in or if you purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle separately.

If you really want a EZBv3 you'd need to try to purchase one used from board members here or watch ebay. I'd check your software to see if it mentions the EZBv4 because if it does, then you can use that. What date is your software?


Hi Justin,

Thank you for the clarification. My software is version: 2013.02.26.00, firmware V16. It only shows EZ-Bv3 and v2.1 boards in the control panel so I guess it does not support v4.

I think you have answered all my questions, just one more; do you know if the current sensors, servos, cameras, etc will work on the EZ-Bv3 board, and if not, how do I find out?




The ezb4 camera will not work with and ezbv3 because it was designed to plug into a v4 or ioTiny not a v3.

Sensors and servos won’t matter for the most part. If you don’t see a port or a control in your software then it work, for example the RGB display, that’s only going to work with v4.

Servos and sonar will work with v3 but you need to be full aware of power handling differences between v3 and v4. The v3 regulated power I think to the digital lines and the v4 does not. So be mindful of that and check the power needs of what you might be plugging in.



Thank you for all your help. I will post a general question to the community board looking for the EZ-bv3 and perhaps a camera, sensors, etc.



Jeff, If you take the Brookstone rover apart and replace its electronics with anEZ robot IO tiny and camera you can upgrade your rover and then control it with your computer and even your smartphone. The new hardware and software that EZ Robot has is amazing and powerful. The rover you can build with EZ Robot will be a true robot with camera tracking and so much more.


Besides the IO tiny and camera would I also need a the 2.5 amp dual motor controller and are their any instructions on the internet ?




Yes you will need the motor controller with the IoTiny and a camera. I am sure you can find all the information here to make your rover into an EZ Robot.

Tutoral for 2.5 amp controller