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Using The Less Than ≪ Sign In Ezblockly On Android

I have some ez-blockly code on my Windows laptop which works fine. I have replicated the code on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy 10.1) but the code always fails because the "<" is translated in the code as \u003C. How can I either edit ez-blockly or use some other way of using "less than" in Blockly on Android?


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Let me look into this for you when i return to Calgary this weekend. I don't have an android phone to reproduce on this trip. I might need to release an update to the app for you if that's the case. Stay tuned!


Did you get a chance to look into this?


I was able to reproduce the scenario on one of my android devices. Stay tuned


update to the latest android app (about 24 hours from now) after it's accepted their review. Version 2018.04.02.00


Thanks for the prompt support. The problem is fixed.

I might have another Mobile ARC App problem but I will check it out thoroughly before posting.