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Using Servo Speed

Hi All,
I've put together a script and I need some help refining it a little.
When you say hands-up, my robot lifts up both arms, turns his head slowly left to right and then puts his arms down.
What I want to do is use servospeed to make him put one arm down slowly and then the other. I managed to use it ok with his head movements (beginners luck!) but I'm having issues with the arms. Everytime I try to string together a script to do the action above, his arms either move slowly for a very short time and then stop, or they just move at normal speed.
Any advice?

I have put the script into the EZ Cloud / examples / handss up!

I also put togethera youtube clip so you can see what I mean:


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Very cool, thanks for adding your work to the cloud...
Cool man ! Thnxs for sharing it with all of us;)