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Using SDK With Other Language Non-.Net

In the SDK download, I see a DLL but no headers that I can convert to my compiler to use. Is it possible to use straight C type coding with this DLL ? I know very little about .Net -sorry.



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The DLL for the EZ-B is in .Net because it is an awesome environment to work in. Most of the code in the DLL is actually unmanaged C, even though it's in a .Net managed library. Interop commands allow you to call unmanaged exports, much like your C definitions when working with a DLL library.

So, you're asking about using managed code from an unmanaged environment. That's kind of funny really:) .. The funny thing also is MFC is far from unmanaged, even though it's kept that title. That's kind of bothered me as I watched Windows grow. In the DOS days, you're windows compiled binary was quite raw and the assembler was somewhat monitored. But now days, almost everything runs as byte code.

Oh that might have gotten off topic. Well I've used .Net functions via COM in MFC++, but never really tried a whole DLL. You could try REGASM to register the DLL and generate a TLB file.

AH Look! I just found a great link that will save me from having to type much more...

Clickity Click
ah, a com dll with the typelib embedded within it. Hmm... register the assembly as a com object, then any com client can use it as though the class were a com class (ref: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/tzat5yw6%28VS.71%29.aspx )

it generates dispatch only interfaces that can only be used with late binding... not sure how to make methods visible for my com browser / typelibbrowser, will do some more reading.

Let us know how it goes:) I'll whip up a tutorial if you get it working