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Using Multiple Pings Sensors

Using multiple pings sensors
Hello all, I was pondering on how to configure multiple pings sensors. If I mount 4 ping sensors on all 4 sides of my bot, could I use one trigger signal for all 4 sensors with 4 separate returns to the ez-b. In other words, 4 pings using 5 I/O's instead of 4 pings and 8 I/O's. The main issue is the ping sensors the DJ uses are 4 pin, one trigger and one return and they are about $3.00 US on EBay. I have been using the parallax ping sensor that has 3 pins. The Parallax sensor is $30.00 US. The 4 pin is cheaper, but uses more I/O's. I am just trying to get the biggest bang for my buck and save on I/O pins. any ideas???

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Sadly, you cannot share the trigger lines.

The way an ultrasonic distance sensor works is by the time between the trigger and echo signal at the speed of sound. Each function call for the distance of a sensor is determined on a per sensor basis. So they would need to be seperate calls for each sensor - therefore seperate I/O's.
Ok, thanks DJ. Yeh, that's what I thought as well. It's like a time / space continuum type of thing. Really, I thought it might have some kind of effect with the echoes. If they all ping at the same time, there would be echoes bouncing all the place and you wouldn't know the sensor it came from in the first place. Thanks a bunch. I was just trying to save some money and I/O ports. I think I will just get the cheaper ones anyways. Also, thanks for replying. You have created a great product and I know the DIY robotic community thanks you as well.
No problem dude! Thanx for the thanks!! It's super exciting personally, for me to see the stuff you all create. I just want to know I'm contributing to the future technology and making it accessible to everyone. I don't really build robots anymore.... I leave that up to you:D