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New Zealand
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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Using Ez-Builder Behind A Proxy And Firewall

Our school uses a Proxy Server that requires authentication to access.... I would guess that most schools do the same.

DJ I have started this thread so I can get our schools technical support involved in this one.

They should join this thread sometime soon.

New Zealand
Site is using Web Marshal as a content filter. We need to know the websites and protocols that are used by the updater process. Also, if possible, can the application use the internet settings in IE, rather than trying to go directly to the internet.
United Kingdom
I know DJ is on holiday and hope I am not stepping on any toes with this but to attempt to speed things along for you;

Everything is HTTP on port 80.
Update checking is through HTTP, port 80 and checks version.txt. Full URL removed (forum formatting issue)
Cloud is retrieved via HTTP, port 80 and checks webservice.asmx. Full URL removed (forum formatting issue)

I don't know too much about Web Marshal but adding www.ez-robot.com to the exceptios or whitelist should allow all update services to work, the cloud to work and all areas of the website to work. If you need the full URLs to add to the list drop me an email (rich@richpyke.net) and I'll send them back on email.
Nice to meet you:) The application will not use internet settings for IE.

- Everything is on port 80 (http) or 443 (ssl)
- The application protocol is an XML web service
New Zealand
Okay the way we have found around this issue has been to add www.ez-robot.com to the bypass proxy site list in IE and specifically allow EZ-Robot through the router.... still not perfect but....