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Use Magnets To To Draw Less Amps From Dc Motors

Hello i just sitting here looking at a vid on youtub about using magnets on motors to incress there speed and reduse there amps draw the resalts there getting in the vid are truely amazing and was thinking that this could realy help with drive motors the vid is called "Stargate Motor full demo" here is the link


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How do you find this stuff. That is truly awesome.
I LOVE free energy and have been thinking about using permanent magnet generators and/or bedini motors to genarate power for bots and other things like home heating powering a car/truck and and and
oh and this stuff could even be used for bots hehehe lol
Im one of then guys that thinks out side the box i beleave that 2+2=3 and a bit , and the shortest distance is not a strait line its a point .