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Upgrade Software Questions

I upgraded to the latest EZ-B software and noticed I don't have the sliders on the servos anymore. Now when I put my cursor in the box I get this symbol with a dot and an arrow on each side, I liked the sliders because I could fine tune my servos. Also I am running Windows XP and my speech rec does not work.


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United Kingdom
Upgrade to Windows 7. ARC dropped support for XP and Vista a few months ago.

However, yes the sliders changed, you probably found your servos need setting up again too. Move the mouse slower for fine tuning, you get used to the change after a while.

VR, search Microsoft's knowledge base for the fix, I have posted the link here previously but do not have time to find it right now.
Oh wow, that's going to be bad for my omnibot.
He's sporting a 4gb eee pc that only runs XP, and my funds don't allow for purchasing a better laptop :(
United Kingdom
If it works don't upgrade:) Provided you can live without new features.

Although personally speaking I don't think there will be many issues with XP unless DJ drastically changes anything. While it's not supported that doesn't mean it doesn't work. The current version works fine on my work PC which runs XP (although not all functions have been tested).

Are you sure the eee pc wouldn't run Win 7 Starter? I've found most PCs will but then there are always exceptions. But if it aint broke, don't fix it springs to mind.
@ Rich
Did you find the MS VR fix link yet