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Update On Trying Out A New Smaller Joystick

I bit ago I was asking for info on small joystick controllers as I did not want some big hulking controller... Well I ended up going with:

It is really small and pretty robust considering how small it is ( I was thinking it would feel and be cheap... since it was so small)

Anyhow for those looking for a small Bluetooth joystick with alot of functions... this is going well for me so far...:)

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United Kingdom

I'm pleased you found a controller that suits. When you say small, how small is it. Is it the same sort of size to the controlleres I linked to for you in the other thread? Couldn't find any specs on the website.

United Kingdom

Hey, nice find. Thanks for the photo. That's a neat little control. Looks better than the Zeemote and more functionality.:)