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New Zealand
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Update Checking From Ez-Script

Is there any way to check or a software update from within EZ-Script?

I would love to have my bot tell me....

"Master Wayne, the Great Maker has updated my software."

I guess I would like my bot to check daily so as not to put too much pressure on the website... and if I really wanted to get carried away then my Bot could downloaded and save the update via FTP then run a batch file to install...

Then Lawrence (My Bot) would say to me...

"Master Wayne would you like me to install this latest update?"



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Haha, okay:)

Soon you'll have the robot going to work for you!
New Zealand
Not quite going to work but I intend to have a virtual presence - everywhere!

Using the same voice file is helping to make a seamless presence that I hope to extend to my classroom , office, car, etc.

I have my scripts write their variables to a text file within my dropbox folder so that each EZ-B project knows what the other is doing by loading the file at certain staggered times.

Imagine having my system 'Lawrence' saying

At school:
"Students please remember to hand in your homework before you leave..." or telling the students that it is time to disconnect their projects from my EZ-B because it is the end of the lesson.... wow!

In my office:
"Master Wayne it is time for your technology lesson..."

At home the server announces:
"The time is seven o'clock..."

And my bot roams around doing the security bit while I am away at work...
"You are not permitted in the masters workshop..."

And in my bluetooth hearing aids hearing:
"Sir, did you remember to take out the garbage? Acts of service keeps a marriage sweet and lets you spend more time in man land!"

he he he

This is blowing my mind!
I wonder if there is a way to write a Windows Macro with something like AutoHotKey. I use this program to write Macros that start up different programs when I boot up my Virtual Pinball cabinet.


You could then run it using the Exec( EXE/Bat File, [parameters] ) command in EZ Script that would execute the mouse clicks needed to push the buttons in ARC to check for an update. You could write your EZ Script to start up at certain times of the day or as often as you want using the WaitUntilTime( hour, minute ) command or even maybe the WaitForSpeech( timeOut Seconds, phrases ) command?


I was thinking of doing something like this to run a program I have (I-B9 by Craig Reinbrecht here: http://tiny.cc/jw0vrw ) that will state the time and date using the custom voice I have for my robot. I don't want to use Windows voices. I want my robot to answer back with "his" voice when I ask what time it is.