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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Unity And Ez-Robot Roli


I am an undergraduate student doing a research on HRI using HoloLens.

I currently have the Roli, and I am just wondering how I can connect to its webcam using Unity. In general, we are trying to control the robot using Unity, therefore, we plan to bypass EZ-Builder.

Is there any particular way to do it?


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Use the EZ-SDK and unity is C# so it's perfect. There is a tab on the top of the website titled "Software". That is the same tab which you can download ARC, and other softwares for EZ-Robot. Browse the variety of softwares and libraries for one that is applicable to your project requirements. I recommend EZ-SDK.
Thank you so much! I can finally get something started with this research!

Tutorial 58 gives so much information.
Great to hear:D

Sounds like a fun project - combining unity and robotics... not sure if that's been done yet. Keep us posted! Might be a project worth sharing on our social media.