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Asked — Edited

Unable To Load Project

I am getting really nervous because I have been working hard at building a chat bot the last 4 weeks and continue to save as normal. This morning I tried to open my FRED project and an error window came up..
Unable to load "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
The last script I was working with was the Sound Movement script and was working as I expected.
All other projects load normally even a project thats 5 times bigger in scripts and memory size. It seems stuck on the Sound Movement script because of the 8 scripts that DO report only 7 actually open the Sound Movement does not open nor does the remaining 60 odd scripts
I do really hope my entire project is not lost *stress*
Any help or leads or hacking into my own project.. would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thank you

Whewwwww resolved sort of...opened the project properties, and opened the previous versions and fortunately there were other earlier versions created when restore points were created! BUT I believe there may/was an issue witht he Sound Movement script.....for the benefit of the community I will try to recreate the issue to test it ( on a different project of course) ..I will report back with any findings! :) :)