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Ultrasonic Input Voltage From Battery Pack

I think that some of my trouble started after I got the second Ultrasonic sensor ,as I did not upgrade the battery pack (old radio shack plastic AA battery holder, rechargable 4 Nimh AA) which ran fine for 5 volts with 1 sensor. Now with 2 sensors sharing the same 5 volt pack, I think I may be getting low power current issue with both sensors , I think I will need a second 5 volt battery pack or could I now use the 7.4 volts directly out of the EZB4 since the voltage is divided by 2 sensors? Or will the 7.4 volts kill both sensors? I suck with electronics math, LOL!

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The ultrasonic sensors are 5v devices. You will need to use a voltage regulator to drop voltage to 5v from 7.4 if you use the lipo pack. EZ sells voltage regulators for this purpose. They are inline regulators meaning that they connect from the ez-b to the sensor.

They are designed to be 1 per 5v sensor.


Okay thanks, that is what I suspected to be the issue with sensor low power fails .Going with regulators would be the most simple fix, I should have ordered them at the same time as the sensors to keep shipping costs lower.


If you bought the sensors from EZ-B and they are 3 wire, not 4 wire, they have the regulator built in.



No they were older cheaper 4 wire sensors from robot shop Canada , I bought 1 first then another a month later which is why I was using a 5 volt battery pack for just the first one, I now wish I bought them from ez robot to avoid this problem.


LOL! That Ghostbusters theme just had to be added considering what the robot's main purpose is. I am actually going back to that Haunted cottage property tonight where more than 2 people have died there in tragic circumstances. last time I had the robot on the spot where one guy burned himself in his mini van. After taking a few Thermal photos of weird hot and cold spots, (later the hot spot was just the damned Racoon again) but my Lipo battery went to EZB Low battery warning after only 15 minutes and that battery usually lasts me 2 nights because the motors run on another battery. The EZB has a 7.4 venom 5000 mah new battery! I want to see if that happens again tonight.:D


That racoon again haha.:P

You know im thinking of running your app on a bot and taking it to that hotel i mentioned because i know their is a ghost there, a very friendly one, i wonder if that ghost would remember me 30yrs later lol?

Looking forward to your findings.;)


so I had no idea you can just easily talk into your laptop microphone and have your voice come out of the robot, I saw DJ do that in one of his videos so really for EVP sessions that makes it more simple just to ask your own questions live.The App is good if you have a bunch of questions you want the robot to ask in a Loop and you don't need to remember them as they are all in the TTS speech EZ script.


Ha ha you only found that out now?:P eek

Oh so its just to ask questions, etc?

Maybe one day this year ill go for a long drive to that hotel and see if the camera pick's anything up in that room.


ya basically it was for EVP but it also had script for movements,pausing to listen and then moving around to take video and pictures with a separate cell phone camera running Free I.P. cam program from the google store apps.The cell phone video can use the built in EZ robot wi-fi to send and record video/audio/EVP that I monitor and remote control on my laptop from another location.


Thats pretty cool, do you think a spirit could activate, set off a movement sensor?


That is a good question and something I am trying to find out because I have seen doors,cupboards and even a tennis ball moving on camera with no wind about. I am still on the fence to evaluate if this is something real or just superstition. I will be doing very scientific tests this summer all over the places to satisfy my curiosity. the more weirdness i see, the more addicted I get for investigating.


After doing 3 nights of Paranormal investigating "The Trailer Park Suicide Zone" where I was camping out at, so much weird stuff happened to both me and the Robot and I got a very creepy EVP voice recording that sounds exactly like what a man would sound like if he was burning to death in a Fire, a very high pitched scream for help. then there was a mystery blue blob of light that moved very quickly into the robot and yes the robot did it's job, I am extremely stoked that the Robot got a photo just as it was getting attacked by this weird blue Fog. I lost control of it and it went full speed racing across the field in pitch black night, had to run and chase it down! something had taken control of my Laptop mouse and locked me out so the robot could not be stopped. got the whole incident on video too. all of this only happened after the robot started asking for a name and how did he die, at which point all hell broke loose, LOL! I had a blast, so much evidence, just crazy! I can't wait to go back with more instruments bolted on the robot.:P


It would be awesome if you shared that experience between EZ Robot technology and the ghostly realm. eek


Thats insane...can't wait to hear the recordings. eek


Going through all the video and sound recordings but this was the half second where something appeared and made the Help sound EVP at the same time with my Laptop losing control, It was see through like fog but the air was dry and nothing else there behind, just open field...and fairly large ,I saw it move right on top of the robot, so weird it had a dim blue glow. Hope I catch more like that! User-inserted image


Whoa! eek eek

That is an awesome pic!

Is that your robot right in the center of the blue fog?

Really awesome RR keep it going!;);)


No this was the last picture it took before losing control. The camera was on the robot chest. I am going back tonight to check EMF levels and if any more voices come through on voice recording.Also found out that their was a guy that hanged himself in one of the trees out back so this makes 4 deaths known on this property. Anyway this went way off topic about sensor voltage:D


You should make another thread for your findings.

I'll sub to your channel to be updated when you upload new footage.

How are the recordings going?

Will we have some footage with audio anytime soon?


I will be putting all my findings into 1 video for youtube soon, I have a mountain of video/audio to go through still.:)