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Resolved Resolved by robo rad!

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Can you confirm whether the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (Collision) works with the Mobile App?
Comments from 2017 suggests not, and it doesn't work for me. Works fine with ARC.

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Last time i used sonar for mobile was last summer,was working but needs more detailed script ,as such the ARC radar version works so much better, that was the main reason I bought the Latte Panda micro windows 10 P.C. to run on board my robot when running outside.
Resolved using ARC on PC but I don't think the Ultrasonic sensor works with the Mobile App. Will test again.
It will work if you make a script with the sensors and then run the script on your mobile device. You will need to add the Java script values for the sensors in script.
Thanks for the info. Do you know how to get the mobile app to play an audio file? Not through the EZB I mean.
The old 'EZ Builder' could play sound files (MP3) using the Soundboard PC control, but this won't work with the ARC mobile.
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There is another sound control skill for using sound out of The mobile controller speaker.Instead of the P.C. speaker.If you only need sound out of your mobile device ,I would need to look into that....Ya it will do on my mobile phone the Say PC WAIT command with TTS voice on my phone, the voice will talk on my phone but I did not get the Play Audio (wait) to hear any Wave or MP3 sound and that could be just because I don't have any saved on my phone, you could try if you have some saved music.
I tried to play an MP3 using the latest version of the Mobile App, but no joy - I used the Soundboard PC skill for this.
I even tried the PlayAudio($Filename) command, but that didn't work either.
It seems I am stuck with using the mono low fi output from the EZB for the Mobile App. Very frustrating given that this worked with the old 'EZ Builder' app.
Something was changed when the ARC Mobile App was developed, but I can't work out what.
If you have EzB4 there is the sound hack where you solder 2 wires to get better sound and then have it connect to amplified speaker. Or you can buy a great small Bluetooth speaker and send the sound from a Laptop pc with ARC on it.
Yes, I have done that. You get better audio by doing this, but still low-fi mono. I do need to use the mobile app though. Thanks for looking into.